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Goodbye Process-Thinking. Hello Design-Thinking

October 6th, 2009 · No Comments


Fa piacere vedere come, in alcuni casi, nel mondo della consulenza si stia affermando una nuova consapevolezza sul tipo di apporto che può dare il service design.

Questo l’articolo pubblicato da Graham Hill sul sito Customer Think (

CEX: Goodbye Process-Thinking. Hello Design-Thinking

“I have noticed a recent change in how Customer Experiences (CEX) are designed.

A change for the better.

In the past CEX design was often the domain of the B-school trained consultant or manager. They used a logical, touchpoint-driven approach. Process design (using a variety of process mapping methods) was a big part of this approach. But the results of their work has been mixed at best. Despite a few well publicised successes, most of their CEX designs failed to deliver value to customers in the way they, customers, want it.

More recently, I have seen service design agencies get more and more involved in CEX design. These D-school trained people use a broad range of tools and techniques (including the servicescaping process-mapping method) to create superior CEX designs. Designs that pull the logical, emotional and aesthetic value levers that customers are looking for in a CEX. That create satisfaction, preference and maybe even loyalty.

If I was advising a client today on who are the best CEX designers, I would be pointing them to design agencies like Design Thinkers, live|work or Engine Service Design, not to the CEX consultancies that I might have used only a few years ago”.

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